Changing my world


Inscrit le 23 juin 2014
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I cannot change the whole world by myself but I could start with my world. Don't judge me if I sound a bit proud but so far I feel like I've lived right. Everyone has a story, a passion, and goals but more often than not it all stays at "I'm too shy, I wish I was bolder". Don't give up. You have a purpose, and someone needs to hear your story. Someone believes in you.

You see, I have never done drugs nor have I been promiscuous so my story may not be about addictions, recovery or any of the things they discuss. This doesn't mean that I am perfect. Oh, I'm far from that but these are some issues that I have seen in my world and would like to help change.

I have my own story, one that the world should someday hear. One day I'll feel the need to write about it or just stand up and share. While I'm waiting for the go sign, I'll open my heart to try and change my world with passion & love.

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