Child abuse and the Environment!

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Let's stop this - Please!

Let's stop this - Please!

Should we accept it or refuse it? It was 8 am in the morning, as I woke up on the wrong side of my bed - hoping to get a clearer picture of my position at that particular time. I didn't realize what I was going to encounter until I stood up and walked outside my room. I noticed a man roughly 40 years old, holding hands with a 15 year old girl (for a long time I haven't seen this girl with her father, and I thought he was). A few hours later, my mum told me the young girl slept in this man's house all night - and the man has had series of sexual encounters with the girl. Today, he brought her home disclosing to the girl's mother that he's in charge of the daughter - A married man! In my town this scenes happens daily - 365 days in a year. Girls become abused, rights are neglected at the expense of getting money - to cater to the family. Today, old men (due to the possession of money) reap where they don't sow and at most cases influence this notion by not criticising each act. It breaks my heart to see young talented girls from poor homes being used to get satisfaction. The scope of this act begins in rural areas - " there's a situation whereby we have a man who can afford a carton of biscuit intimidating a child's parent in turn for pleasure." Poor families are deprived of certain attributes because they refuse to comply to a rich man's quote. Urban Spheres - "the same course happens where a wealthy father gives his daughter to an older man, all in the name of influence and position. The girl is meant to stay with him, perform hard chores at a very tender age - and the worst of all, used as satisfaction (a young girl, who has a bright future). Some say it's tradition and the right of our nation; "almost all the girls in the northern part of Nigeria have gotten married (at age 12-18)." Today, we abuse our rights and forfeit the main objective of marital, economical, developmental, and social status. Parents become influenced by wealth, traditional obligations, poor environmental standards etc. Which are caused by the lack of knowledge, poor education, inadequate governmental prospect and the influence of other peripheral factors (such as the right to ownership, provision for a job or post etc). Only a handful of parents in Nigeria, have not been influenced by these strange visions.

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