Children in the 21st Century.

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Inscrit le 26 juin 2014
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We call it civilization or industrial revolution. The world is getting more and more complex each day and the same is moving at an alarming speed. The speed that tends to even overwhelm us, the people bringing up the changes. But still, we call it development. It is a good thing, I can't object. The world has to grow and lives have to improve. One thing we tend to forget is that the world is not developing at a uniform speed everywhere. In some places, mostly Africa and Asia, are always a million steps behind. This results in those areas straining to catch up with the world and as a result, ends up into even more disaster than they were in before.

Don't you get me wrong. I am not anti development. In fact, I am all for global development. But here is the sad truth: as everyone tries to make ends meet in the name of development, we tent to forget that our children are the ones getting hurt each day by that. The parents are always away working and coming home late or tired and/or so then don't have time for their children. And trust me even the children in the richest of families suffer just as much psychological and emotional trauma as the kids in the streets with nowhere to sleep. The reason here is, both of them don't have someone to look after them. For a child it's one thing having all the toys in the world and its a whole different thing having a parent's love and attention. Or at least someone they can look up to.

The parents of this century don't bother so much about their children. Which raises the question, 'why give birth to a child you don't plan to raise?' If you go about asking every child how much contended they are with their parents, believe me you won't believe the responses you will get. Parents' love and attention plays a very big part in a child's development than all the other things they need. That's why you will find out that children in the lower earning families normally grow up healthier and happier that the children in the extreme ends of the scale (the homeless/orphans and the very rich). That's because the middle class people tend to have a tighter parent-children relationships than the later.

My point here is

1. People should stop bringing children to the world if they don't plan to bring them up in the best way there is.

2. We should know that when we talk of children's rights its not just about the under privileged, but also the rich. They are all as much as children as the rest and their psychology isn't wrapped around their financial standings but rather by their social lives, parental love and friendships. And we should try to balance between our children and jobs or the so called development because just a simple day out with our kids can go a long way.

Every child has the right to have someone to look up to and to be loved by. It takes a brick to build a whole mansion. If you are able it would be good if you could take that homeless kid in the street and give him/her the love and care he/she deserves. It is our duty as a community to give them the love and to protect them. It is a service to humankind just as much as it its a service to God. By saving a single child you might have gifted this world with the next Nelson Mandela or the next pilot or a doctor of an austraunant or so many other big people the world needs so much. Remember a child is like a cocoon. Might look unimportant at the moment but you don't know that inside it is a beautiful butterfly building up. All we have to do is model them and handle them with the best care just like we were handled. Or even better.

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