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All of the Children's Champions ^_^ (All copyright goes to UNICEF)

All of the Children's Champions ^_^ (All copyright goes to UNICEF)

I woke up on Saturday morning and I felt sooo good! I was overjoyed at the fact that I finally had the opportunity to be a Children’s Champion for UNICEF. I had a visitor around my house that morning and she said
“Oh are you going shopping for the day?” I replied with a huge smile on my face and said

“Nope I am going to a UNICEF training event”.

I made my way to the session feeling confident that I knew where I was going and I then I got lost! I went into a hotel, an office, asked member of staff from this tour group and parking wardens for directions! I finally got there and I was happy to see that registration was from 10.30am until 11am and that I had not missed anything!

As soon as I walked into the room I felt like I finally belonged in a group of like-minded people who shared similar views and ideas about something we all felt so passionate about.

The morning started off with various talks about UNICEF’s work and information about Children’s Champions and we had a mini Q&A session with last year’s Children’s Champions (which was EXTREMELY helpful!). Then we had a break and the break was followed by talks specifically about Children’s Champion and the cause #Climate4Children.

During this time we were given our survival kits with lots of information that was SO vital! One lady (I can’t remember her name!) said that the pack was like holy scripture, which it is!

After this we had lunch and I got to meet 5 really nice people, including a Children’s Champion from last year. It was really nice to meet them informally and this really did help for the afternoon workshops!

I did three workshops that afternoon. A role play workshop which I loved! A guide to contacting local media and social media workshop. All of the lovely people gave such friendly advice, so thank you people from UNICEF!

After the day had finished I had left the training day meeting new friends, gaining new skills and just had a great feeling that I am doing something to help.

So now I have everything ready and I am in the middle of making initial contact with my MP, I am feeling confident about meeting my MP and I cannot wait to help with the cause #Climate4Children.

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