Cigarette: Could this be an endless talk?

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Cigarette smoking has become a very popular phenomenon in our environment, especially here, in Indonesia. A source has mentioned that Indonesia is in the third position for the country that has a big amount of smokers, after China and India. There are 97 billion people that have become secondhand smokers because they cannot escape from smoke. However, there are a lot of smokers that smoke in public area which are actually even have the “no smoking” sign. In 2007, there were 426.214 children ages 10-14 that became smokers. We cannot resist the fact that this phenomenon surely gives effect on health and economic. But what is the actual position of the cigar industry?

The cigar industry has been attacked by many groups that are fighting for the sake of health, even they are fighting for the rights to breathe freely. They argue that it is enough for them to breathe with the air pollution from public transportation, and they wish smokers won’t make it worse for them, because somehow smokers are even closer to them. There are also people that fight against cigarettes based on the economic condition because you can see a phenomenon when someone can’t buy any food but he/she can afford to buy cigarette. Some people see this as a deviation.

The cigar industry has been given strict rules for advertising too. They cannot mention the word “cigarette,” show the image of the cigarette, or smoker; otherwise there are consequences. But creativity goes beyond the rule. They make such a great message and visualization in their advertisement. They also make a great slogan which maybe a non-smoker will adore. Their message, both luckily and unfortunately, get into our mind, and that is what they want.

The cigar industry also makse some schools and skill courses. They give scholarship and chance to get education for those who cannot afford school. They make some programs for youth and children, they do charity activities, and a lot of positive events, which MOST OF THEM are included youth as the target.

I have no option but to say that they surely do a great job to make a positive image to the society. The society finally hate the cigarette, but not the industry, which is actually the one who produces it. Furthermore, we just have no choice but to agree with them, and they are the ones who can (easily) do social and charity programs to help others.

In my opinion, it is not easy to just ban every cigarette and its industry, or make it all vanish in a blink of an eye, or make drastic differences. But we know that cigarettes, however, and in fact, produces a lot of bad effects both to the smokers and the non-smokers.

But, what do you think about this? Where are you standing? Where do you think the industry should stand? Do you see this as a good thing or bad thing?

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