City Pollution

no picture Lui Yu Hui
Inscrit le 21 février 2012
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Nowadays, more and more city grew in all over the world. These city create jobs, entertainment, production and houses to people. Although it provided us so many convenient and benefit to our daily life, pollution happen everyday in order to produce those things it needs to produce. All those vehicles come out with smoke with will cause air pollution; contaminated water and waste that produce by factory will cause water pollution; rubbish that throw by us will cause land pollution.

We as citizen have to do somethings to help to prevent the pollution goes on. What happen in reality is that citizen not only did’t contribute in helping prevent the pollution but make it worst. For example, in Malaysia people often use air-conditional even the weather is pleasure or turn the temperature of the air-conditional to lowest. This action will waste a lot of electrical energy. Besides, malaysian like to throw rubbish everyway instead of throwing them in the dustbin. This not only affect the image of the city but create land pollution. Malaysian did not built up positive environment purchase behavior. They will buy those cheap things but harmful to environment even thought they are rich to afford ‘green products’. The examples are endless.

City pollution is a crucial problem because it affected not only the environment but human themselves. Would you want your child living under a city with high pollution rate? So, we as citizen have to put in efforts in order to create an unpolluted environment for ourselves, the environment and also our children.

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