Civil Society theme 1: Rights-based Policy-making for the Benefit of Migrant Workers and Families


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In anticipation of the Global Forum on Migration and Development Civil Society Days (29th and 30th of November). Voices of Youth wants to hear your voice about issues that affect young people and motivate migration. During the next few days we will ask you one question about migration per day and we are really interested to hear what you have got to say about the issue. Make your voice heard!

There are interlinkages between migration and development. The underlying question is how could a humane or migrant rights-based approach in migration polices facilitate the contributions of young migrants to the development of their countries of origin, transit and destination?

Migration can enhance the livelihood of families and the wellbeing of children. Conversely its social cost implications can impact negatively on the wellbeing of children because of abandonment, alienation of children and difficulty of maintaining family ties. Most policy and social protection measures regarding families focus on the individual worker and not their family members like children and youth who are left behind by migration. How has the migration of your parents or guardians affected your wellbeing? In a positive or negative manner? What would you tell your government, or other stakeholders including NGOs who are working towards improving the wellbeing of children of migrants who remain in their country of origin?

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