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Inscrit le 30 mai 2014
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Captain Koki Mutungi

Captain Koki Mutungi

There is a silly notion with some people that children from ‘rich’ backgrounds are foolish. They believe that all children from a well up family can do with his/her life are drugs and other social evils because they hold onto their parents' tails.

Koki Mutungi is one of those children who has proven this notion wrong. Though born into a rich family, her father a pilot. Koki put her admiration for her father’s career into her own. Her efforts have seen her conquer the male dominated aviation industry. Today she is a chief pilot, the first woman in the African Continent. She is a captain of the world’s latest plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Let Koki’s story inspire other children from well up families that they can live up to their dreams despite the vemon from the society. And by the way, why do people hate rich people, yet we are all struggling to avoid poverty in every way possible?

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