CRF covering the PMNCH 2014 Partners' Forum

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Inscrit le 3 décembre 2013
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Today kicked off the first day of the Children's Radio Foundation's preparation for the upcoming PMNCH / 2014 Partners Forum which we'll be covering! We had the opportunity to unpack the layered issue of maternal, newborn and child health with expert advise from Dr Andres de Francisco (Deputy Executive Director of the PMNCH and Coordinator of Technical Work), Marriette (UNICEF) and Marta (WHO). We also has the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and thoughts with senior youth journalists from India, Ethopia, China, Uganda and Cameroon.

From CRF, we're a team of youth journalists from Tanzania and Alexander in South Africa, 12- 18 years of age. Keep looking out for our posts re. the conference.

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