Cultural diversity and globalisation: An Ideal.

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Inscrit le 31 janvier 2014
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It is really nice to see the positive impacts of cultural diversity and find so many examples and case studies of how and when they are implemented. They can increase the profit of companies, increase equality between people, empower people, and have less stereotypes, etc.. I mean there are thousands of perspectives which show the positive side. However, like a coin, it has two sides. Cultural diversity may be the door to a world based on relationships built on care and love of one another, regardless of differences and a harmonious society. Nevertheless, there are so many opposing arguments to this ideal situation.

Globalisation: Lack of civic engagement by citizens. Racism. Threat to indigenous cultures as they are progressively brought into contact with the global economy. Inducing a global culture. This globalisation could gradually lead to a great loss in cultures. Reverse discrimination and people benefitting from being part of an ethnic, age, and gender group in their minority group, while people who make up the majority, aren’t selected for the jobs caused by the influence of reservation policies for certain minority groups. All those actually have the opposite effect. They all bring us back to the major problem of inequality between people which originated from their differences.

The problems we are trying to eradicate actually have a greater magnitude than before. Before making conclusions and believing that the world would be such a great place, shouldn’t we focus on the negative impacts that they could have and suppress them? Or should we at least find solutions for them before they become the problems we have to find solutions to?

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