Cutting Edge vs Killing Edge technology.


Inscrit le 7 septembre 2013
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With the advancement of technology, the life of humans has become better in terms of health, education, agriculture..etc in all fields. With the rise of machines, lot of development has been seen in manufacturing industries etc. In a few years there will be a big impact in the field of artificial intelligence and medical fields. Once these technologies comes into action, there will be a major shift in the economy, as no humans can challenge these machines.

The other side of the issue is, consumers are humans. When the machine workforce increases, the purchase power of the humans comes down. So, in turn the business will be at loss.

Science is a weapon, it is up to us, how it can be used. I believe technology should help to make humans' lives better. It is up to us to control the growth of technology, to ensure the safety of human kind, and prevent our self destruction.

I am not against any technology, just supporting my kind.

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