Dear Human Rights,


Inscrit le 17 avril 2012
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I would like to thank you for protecting us as humans. You have been around for quite some time now, and you have been working in our favor scince 1264. Unfortunatly, there are still some people who are not using you correctly. If you can even beleive it, there are children who are being taken and forced into becoming a soldier.

Child soliders in Africa run the risk of being disparaged for the following through the script that portrays Africa as a continent that bereft of anything worth writing about except war, famine, and other tyypes of tragedies. Sadly, thats not the only bad thing.

There is something going on that is called modern slavery. Over the past 15 years, "Trafficking in persons" and "human traficking"have been used as an umbrella term for activities involved for when someone obtains or holds a person in a service.

People are also being forced into marrige. A forced marrige takes place when the bride, groom, or both do not want to get married but are forced to by otheres.

I have told you alot about bad things happeing today. i thik its time for you to step up and start helping again. There are people suffering and they are forgetting about your importance. You need to come back before its too late.

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