Democracy turning to Autocracy

no picture Md.Mazharul Islam
Inscrit le 7 juin 2014
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Bangladesh is a country that has a long history and sacrifice of millions of Freedom Fighters who died to see an Independent Bangladesh. But after 43 years of liberation and war, we are still struggling to establish our rights in every sectors. Political conflict and violence regarding the Government Showdown, 1000s of innocent victims have died.

Bangladesh is like a gold mine. We have the world's largest beaches. We could be a heaven for investors. But until now we are leading ourselves as a developing country. A good management could turn our economic fate from developing to raising economy of the world. Somebody must need to run the country. We want our best government without corruption and bribery. However, these two things made us weak. Our economy can boost 10 Billion USD per year if it is run under a strong and strict hand. There is still hope for us to survive. All the population needs to know is about transparent open governance.

Our Prime Minister is a very talented lady. She likes development and new technologies. We need to overcome the situation.

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