Do I have a right to complain? I have an education

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I live in a society where women/girls still face challenges. To name a few (at the top of my head) domestic violence, something like 20% less pay, forced marriages, rape and so on. But the one thing women/girls can do more (more a less) is own land, own a car, choose what job they do, walk out on the streets. But most importantly study, study away till their hearts are content! Study to be a great professor in a top university or just graduate high school and go into the world of work, but not simply remaining as a cashier but a head of department and so forth.

*Ok you get the point*

Less than 48 hours ago I had the privilege of being introduced to 9 strong girls. *ok it was in a film, but still* although this was a movie/documentary it was something I had waited for and I finally had the opportunity to watch it!

The film, I wonder how many of the people I know will watch: 'Girl Rising'.

The majority of the stories I did want to cry. But the one story that did move me (but not into tears) was Amina’s story. The long and powerful finish allowed myself to really and truly understand the need to importance of educating girls to change their lives and others.

(See the writer of Amina’s story here

It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of a generation (believe it or not) whereby there are 66 million others like these that are finally taking a stand and wanting to be educated. ‘Girl Rising’ has given me the full understanding as to why education is vital to live, it is next to religion and family that all three work hand in hand to help all girls rise into the world and to allow them to be strong.

Lastly, Suma's song has replayed consistently deep inside my heart, I swear I am able to feel SOME emotion when Suma quietly mentions her difficult locked up past.

But seriously, now I finally understand as much as other issues are important. Educating girls should be top of the agenda because some of the world’s problems could be solved by educating girls!

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