Does Hard Work in the Class Room really pay off anymore.


Inscrit le 10 novembre 2011
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Ever since I could remember I have always been told that if you work hard in the classroom you will do great in life and you will accomplish tremendous goals. But lately I have noticed a change. I am a student in high school and I worked so hard to be where I am today. I wish I could say the same for everyone else in my class but unfortunately some of my friends have dropped out or gone to an independent school. This brings me to my main point. An independent school is almost like a regular school but the main difference is that it is self paced. Meaning that in normal school an assignment would be due in lets say two days while for the independent school the assignment could be due in a week and longer if needed. This aggravates me so much to find out that I do so much work and study so long and to see other kids who seem so relaxed because the material is self paced. Just makes me wonder why is there still a need for me to attend public school if an independent school is so much easier ?

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