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The world is changing in every aspects with the change of time. Change – a continuous process whether it’s positive or negative. This continuity is for Dream; the dreamy mind, the dreamy people changing the time. So what does this Dream mean? Dream is actually the facts that protect us from sleeping; it’s not what we see during sleeping. Now what does POVERTY mean? Poverty has various meaning from materialistic & spiritual view. Here we will focus on the materialistic one.

 Today’s world can be classified into 3 classes –

• the developed world • the developing world • the under-developed world on the basis of poverty while DEVELOPMENT is the criteria where development means the height of living on the basis of wealth, ability to expense & courage to enjoy.

 Now in order to ensure a world without poverty we must go through following points-

• the present situation • causes behind the scene • what measures have taken & what their limitations • what to do

the present situation During studying these points our principle will be to find out the reasons of prevalance of poverty despite huge efforts have been made & it’s because generally it seems that we start immediate solution of any problem when we face without trying to find the cause & it results a temporal disappearence but a parmanent big zero.

causes behind the scene Beyond statistical eye, our observation shows that a great portion of the world can be identified as poverty victim area even in the developed world a vast portion of their people live under poverty & this cruel truth is hidden because the media only highlight the rich zone. So the prevaililng condition can be termed as A Million Dollar Open Secret.

what measures have taken & what their limitations What measures have been taken to ensure a one colour society? We see that different people to nation taken smallest to largest steps like- • The micro-credit project
A revolutionary invention by Dr Md. Yunus which waved the whole world. This program help people with a small loan with low interest with return of loan in weekly installment patern. This has shown success in attaining temporal happiness but in long run just frustration as it has very negligible role in changing the condition permanently due to its interest system. And its an absolute truth that a person who lives hand to mouth can not pay weekly for his loan with interest.

• Program runned by NGO This program is massivly corrupted with interest buisness & breeding the same result of micro-credit program. • Youth organization lead various program • Different Charity Foundation • The Rich Man Efforts These all efforts conducting lots of activities with basic limitations & these are  emotional motivation by the youth organization without moral motivation; consequently huge activities with little outcome.  all of the above working without maintaining any inter-communication & they are not guided, controlled or monitored centrally. so, their little efforts creating little influences, negligible changes. • Religious Group Efforts • The Islamic Project – ZAKAT Zakat has shown its great influence in eradicating poverty which we may know from history but today there infact, no effect due to –  no central control body to maintain collection & distribution of it.  people giving Zakat in wrong way.

what to do Despite the above efforts poverty is increasing but why? This most probably due to the following summary-  Interest based loan system  Efforts from various platform without co-ordination  no moral motivation but counting only emotion  program only to meet personal or group or religious interest but neglecting humane duty  might is right rule creating imbalance Now the duties we must perform are –  Interest free micro-credit- should be given to make one self dependent but not to creat smile in solving temporal problems.  Centrally controlled NGO program-  they should be controlled by a central body .  the central body will co-ordinate the activities of all NGOs.  the central body will take a region based long term plan.  then the body will distribute the total agendas among the NGOs according to the budget & ability of individual organization.  Youth organizations with a common platform-  should have a common platform of all local youth organization.  should motivate the youth morally that its your responsibility to donate for others who are deprived.  should create the sense of responsibility, sense of humanity, sense of accountability among the future generation with a huge wave of emotion that is coloured with wisdom.  The rich people, The charity foundation & The religious groups-  they should come out from their narrow perspective with this view that its the right of the deprived society on the wealth of him which is extra for him.  his donation is his duty not his mercy to the poor.  Zakat-  should form a central Zakat Ministry.  should be collected & distributed by the state.  should have a priority based plan where the catagorization will be made on the severity of poverty of the region.  should be stopped the traditional distribution of Zakat in order to get a long term change.

And if we certainly wish for a poverty free world, if we really a world of justice but never equal then we must implement the above suggestions, we must think over the above criticism; only then we can obtain the rights to dream the world without poverty.

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