Education Around The World


Inscrit le 17 avril 2012
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Recently my class in America has begun a project to see how lives are different in different countries and I was interested in looking into education around the world. After some research I realized that the school systems are very different around the world. I had never thought about other countries being different. I only thought about how we do things and thought that other countries follow. In America kids dislike school and we wish that we could be anywhere else. In other countries around the world school is a privilege and they give things up for their education, and the kids that don’t see it that way in the other countries and don’t go to school and don’t get an education struggle in their everyday life. They have difficulties finding jobs and supporting a family. Where I live everyone goes to school. In other places it is very hard; I think that other countries need to make education a must because it is important. So that they can find jobs to support their families, make their life easier, and make decisions for themselves.

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