Education is one of the grantees to success.


Inscrit le 23 janvier 2012
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It is self evident that education is the key that unlocks the inner mind towards creativity and success, in my country nigeria not every man, woman, boy and girl is educated why? not because they don't have the interest, but because education this days is expensive to afford. take a good look at the world we live in today the crime rate increasing everyday, if there be a better place, society, community which education is made available and affordable do you think the crime rate wont drop? young girls entering prostitution because there is no education to enlighten them on highly issues.

Education is important not just for the individual, but also for members of the individual’s community. For example, a student can share what he/she has learned about staying healthy with his/her family. he/she can teach their friends about safety issues.

there is a difference between education and been educated, someone cant be educated without education, not withstanding another issue of having corrupt teachers and lecturers who are not ready to educated the lives of the uneducated once but to spoil their motive of learning and striving for goals.

Education should be addressed as one of the basics in every country, society, community. as it is said children are the future leaders of tomorrow as the future leaders they need to be educated.

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