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Inscrit le 5 mars 2012
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I’m sure everyone out there agrees that, education is important, learning is important, for us to gain knowledge. Some people may even think that, it as a must to have these “knowledge”, just to survive in the competitive world today. However, sometimes, people who have financial problems may not be able to get the “perfect” educational chances, like those wealthy ones do. Some of them may be “forced” to work, just to pay up their fees. However, even though they are working in the morning and studying at night, or vice versa, they can produce excellent results. From here we can see that, everyone has their own chance to study, the important thing is that we ourselves are really determined to learn, to discover, to educate and to contribute something good to ourselves or not.. As the saying goes, whenever there’s a will, there’s always a way. And it is absolutely true.

Learning is a part of life, and it is absolutely true. In fact, everyone has their own chance to learn and clearly everyone deserves to learn. Rich or poor, a person can still learn. Knowledge is in the air, and we can gain it anywhere. Knowledge is also a free thing for us in live, like air. Young or old, everyone has to learn. I'm sure everyone out there knows that, the learning process in a person's life never stops. Learning, gaining knowledge, it does not only exist in the classroom or just in schools, it is everywhere.

We are learning every day. Sometimes we don't even notice that we are learning. But in fact, we are. We can learn from almost everyone. Sometimes the smartest people in the world, may gain knowledge and learn new unexpected things, ideas, knowledge, information, from those who are not as smart as them. Not only that, we can also gain knowledge from experiences throughout our live. And, every brand new day in our life, is always another new experience for us. With experience that turns into knowledge, we can surely improve ourselves. Like the statement above mention, the important thing is that we ourselves are really determined to learn, discover, educate and contribute something good to ourselves.

I remember one of my teachers once told me that, every problem is a chance. At first I had no idea what he was talking about. In my mind, I kept thinking, what? Are you sure? How can a problem be a chance? For me, problems are troubles. However, as time passes, slowly, I began to realize that, it is true. Every problem is a new chance for us to learn new things. Whenever we manage to overcome a problem, besides feeling great, we also gain new experience as well as knowledge.

As determination lies within us, opportunities are in every difficulty. Knowledge is also free. It is everywhere and we can obtain it easily. It all depends on us. “There is no border for success, we make our own opportunities!’’

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