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Inscrit le 8 novembre 2013
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Do you ever wonder why we bother to go to school? Ever ask yourself why it was necessary for you to go through all those many years of classes? Ever think about how it all started? And if it were upon you to decide, would you do it the same way or would you want it done differently?

We were all born into a system. A system that has been structured to make us spend almost half of our lives learning how to do this or that. We learn how to execute procedures, how to treat diseases, how to put up structures or how to conduct businesses. Through our education system, we were all born into a guided process of information gathering and maybe if you are lucky knowledge building. We had nothing to do with it; it is just how we found it.

Recently after I told a friend that I was interested in going back to school to pursue my masters, he got very critical. He told me he did not understand why people cared so much for the process, the system and the papers when you would have spent all that time doing more constructive stuff and perfecting an art out of school. At that time this sounded ridiculous, outrageous even. But then later on after giving it some thought, it triggered something in mind. I started thinking about that possibility, a world with a different form of education. Something not like what we have, something different. Something that does not involve us spending half our lives in a cubicle learning algebra and calculus (I am yet to apply that in life).

Why do we go to school? Do we have to go to school to find the knowledge? Or maybe it is just about the certification process, the business, the empire. How did it all start? Can we just stay at home, read a magazine or two watch movies documentaries, and learn about life from it. Do we have to find education in an institution?

I am not in any way challenging the need for education, am very much interested in finding out if education has to be directly linked to school? And whether we education should be all about learning a trade?

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