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Dear friends of the whole universe,

I have always observed in my country India-Bharat-Hindustan, that so many people work in areas different to their education. In other Words, the majority of people are not having a proper education for their employment, occupation or professional activity.

This is because of the generational gap and the traditional education system. So, education must be in such a manner that it can secure employment for students or youths to maintain their standard of living. A second important requirement is that girls should be given education for her progress and social welfare.

Sanskrit language is a compulsory subject and the most important requirement for India because it will help Indians to maintain their cultural and traditional heritage.

My precious demand for the bright future of the next generations is that students should be given physical education from the Age of 12 Years and the age of voting should be of 16 Years to make students sufficiently competitive according to the fast growing changes & globalization by making necessary amendments in the laws. This will help to create awareness on the topic of HIV-AIDS.

I request from all the citizens of the world to start special initiatives to educate students about the adverse effects of tobacco & drugs.

Thank you very, very much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt, Vadodara- Gujarat, India, E-mail:- I am Thankful to my great lifetime struggler parents for motivating me towards "HUMANITY" and its importance for human beings..... My father Kishorbhai K. Bhatt and my mother Pritiben K. Bhatt.

Photo: © UNICEF/NYHQ2009-2167/Tom Pietrasik; India, 2009

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