Education should be for all!

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As the plane takes off for one of its routine flights, so do these children. These children are living their normal lives day in day out. These children (whatever their background) make up the percentage of children in the world who are able to go to school, and even Secondary/High school! Imagine if the many millions upon million girls and boys were able to go to school. Imagine the benefits, future income and all round professional development would amount to things far greater than little or no education.

Although providing education cannot occur overnight I wish it could the reality is as we all know is that it can’t. The hard work and dedication from large scale awareness groups to the individuals who by word of mouth explain the effects of the lack of education (especially for girls!) can slowly change the way education is viewed in theory.

When I first watched this video, I cried….

I cried because I think about all the children who are not able to receive an education. It did make me happy though because I saw the hard work from all involved to ensure that these children were able to receive further education. What made this feeling worse was knowing that I am surrounded by most of my peers and they cannot wait to leave education. This video opened my eyes to a world of the hardworking individuals who are aiming to better future generations.

All in all, the video did give me the opportunity to reflect on my own experiences with education. I feel extremely lucky that I am given the chance to be educated, but it pains me also knowing that there are millions and millions of children (girls especially!) that would give anything to receive an education.

But let me raise one question, why boys and not boys and girls? (To be educated). I feel there are still many objections when it comes to providing girls with an education.

Leaders of the world still hold an extreme emphasis on helping the world’s populations in many ways… So I ask, if educating is one way of ‘self-help’ then why is it the leaders who offer many ways to help, don’t seem to when it comes to education. The people that do help, seem not that in any way politically involved! But yet when it comes to donations, they are reduced by the powers at be!

If as a human, we are entitled to our rights, is education not one of them? Yes, I am aware that social, environmental, economic and political factors affect the way education can be delivered, but if only all could be educated…

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