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It is just devastating to see how human trafficking seems to be happening probably a little too much and not to mention how many people's lives are in ruins because of it - mostly in third world nations. Victims are duped into the trade by the false promises of job oppurtunities. They're forced either directly with violence or psychological blackmail into the trade.

The impact of this cruelsome trade just sends chills down my spine. But we, the future leaders, should step up to the plate and put an end to this torturous trade.

I have a few insights from some people I know on the roles of youth on this particular issue. A friend of mine, told me that she felt that education should be the main solution to this issue. Only with a sustainable education, people would have a different mindset, a wiser one, and not to mention a change of values in themselves. A religious person I know thought that it was rather vital for young ones to voice out on these matters. In other words, discuss. As we know, some youths are not confident about the outcome if they were to express their opinions. He felt that the problem with youths is they are "ignorant", "lukewarm" or have "low" self-esteem. These are just a couple people of whom I've spoken to about this matter.

As for me, I feel that education and awareness could certainly make a huge impact on trade of human trafficking. And of course, if the young ones are to silence themselves and not speak up, who would listen? How are we to end this trade?

I would appreciate your insights. Feel free to leave a comment!

Cynthia, Penang.

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