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A presentation was done by Mr. Steve Thorne {Technical consultant on energy MEM and UNDP}. The presentation was mainly about the Energy sector. He presented as the Sun being the foremost largest energy source especially in Tanzania where there is almost sunshine throughout the year. He also described that Energy is the pre-condition and an important input towards development. He also pinned out that energy in Tanzania is Petrol, Gas, Wood, Charcoal, Fuel etc. This may be used for Transport, Communication, Lighting, Music, Cooking, and Refrigeration.

Tanzania energy issues

The way forward is to transform primary energy sources (Coal, Oil, Sun, Water, Gas, and Wind) to secondary energy (useful energy) for Amplification, Lighting, Transport, Heat, and pumping

Mr. Shadrack Msuya gave an overview of the Thematic Energy Consultation which was conducted in March at Mlimani city Conference Center which was co-hosted by Tanzania in collaboration with Norway, India and Mexico.

At the conference youth got a chance to give out there views and ideas on about the progress of the energy sector in Tanzania. Jacob Mogendi from YUNA TANZANIA had stressed on the challenges and opportunities found in the energy sector for the youth.

Adoption Of New Energy Sources is Possible in Tanzania!



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