Enlightenment and Engagement - the way out of youth violence

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Inscrit le 2 mai 2011
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"The idle mind is the devil's workshop" - a common saying, which really hits the point home on how to best reduce involvement of youth in Armed violence. It may seem too simple, but engaging youth in productive ventures is the only way they would turn away from the path of violence.

The path of violence is a means by which they feel they can express themselves. Put the same people in front of a mic on a round table and they would tell the same thing. Let the youth know they are significant and not only the future of tomorrow but partners of today.

Involve 'em in the ongoing policy making and decision making which affect the state affairs. Another thing is "enlightenment". There is need to really lighten up the minds of youth. This is not " education " per say as we know it within the classroom walls, but providing information that becomes knowledge and empowers the youth to become better citizens.

So in summary: Give the youth a listening ear. Engage them in nation building. Enlighten the minds of the youth. All of these would reduce involvement of youth in Armed Violence.

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