Environment and the Receipt


Inscrit le 2 mars 2012
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Despite the ever-growing field of Information Technology (IT), the need for paper has not subsided prominently. Paper is constantly used for schooling purposes, test papers, and of course, the common receipt. Receipts are probably the most abundant source of paper. Anything that one buys comes with a small peice of paper to prove the purchase. True, many stores and retailers now come with the option of 'receipt-upon-request', but they still print the receipt regardless of whether the customer gets it or not.

There are many rules and acts that make it compulsary for the retailers to print the receipts regardless of the customer's request. This is mostly due to the fact that the act of printing a receipt is genuine and physical proof that the customer did pay for the purchased item. The retailer of person selling the item could easily say that the customer did not pay for the item if the customer is unable to come forth with a receipt.

Yes, the retailer or seller can easily erase the evidence that the customer paid for the item. This can lead to quite a predicament. If cyber laws can ensure that the retailer does not have any authority to alter and remove purchase evidence in their machine, that perhaps the need for a receipt can truly become obsolent, or perhaps truly 'upon request'. One person can collect up to 20 lbs worth of receipts in a year. Just think of what one McDonalds outlet would produce in a year. Roughly Nearly 1,000 lbs!! That could save a tree.

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