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Inscrit le 1 septembre 2013
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FotoSynthesis is finally set to start in January. That’s only weeks away, and the team couldn’t be anymore geared up! Our teachers are ready, the team is ready, and our kids are ready. The only think we’re waiting on, is for our equipment to arrive to the non-profit we’re working with in Mexico (AIICDER). It’s hard to believe that an education program started by some students, is about to finally happen. But it’s only because of the amount of hard work put in by everyone. Sometimes it was hard to envision FotoSynthesis as this tangible and possible thing. Like many start ups we have had our set backs. Our most recent set back wasn’t even remotely in our control. Apparently Mexico isn’t accepting anything made in China, and the cameras we were sending were made in China, so we had to scrap that and send a whole new set. This doesn’t seem too dire, but I guess when you’re caught up in the moment any set back feels like the worst thing in the world, but that’s why it’s always best to take a step back. Reflecting on this, I realize that the Foto team is resilient, and I attribute this to moments, nothing big, but small moments that keep pushing us further. Like the time we had a general meeting and everyone came up with great ideas. We had some great moments: the moment of triumph after our board meeting, or the time we stayed up late working on curriculums, or preparing for a presentation, or the time we trekked to a FedEx store to get a banner with our logo on it purely on a whim. These small moments give us hope, excite us, propel FotoSynthesis forward, and I can happily say have propelled us all the way to our pilot program…..And I couldn’t be any prouder.

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