Freedom of expression banned in West Papua by Indonesia

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Inscrit le 6 mars 2012
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Right of self-determination referendum and demands for papua, never silent, the people of Papua always go down the road in the form of demonstrations, but you know what happened, the demonstrators were arrested, tortured in jail

Filep Karma got 15 years in prison for raising the Morning Star flag as the national flag of West Papua.

Bucthar Tabuni in jail for 3 years for leading the demonstration with the demands of indonesi referendum and independence.

It's the world does not know what is happening in West Papua, Papua to Indonesia in aneksasikan in 1969 through a referendum (Choice), which is full of controversial and over the past 50 years the people of Papua democratic right to protest it. because of a population of 1 million people papua was only 1 205 people who voted with the system of deliberation (Javanese traditional Malay Tradition) by Papuan

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