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It's a classic: when speaking of generations, the oldest ones are always the best. The old one have read more, studied a lot, were more hardworkers. And all of them - the oldest one- look with a particular concern for the age group now between 20 and 30 years: "Unfortunatelly, youth people are lost".

But if these old people admire and deposit in the new generation a great felt and hope?

The country and the world watched in recent years to a profound paradigm shift. Everything has changed. Communications have changed.The information is democratized. The world has become global. And many who enthusiastically watched all this, choosing or completing a universitie degree, they felt in their own skin that we fell abruptly in the most serious financial crises in decades.

In my country, we don't need to detail the impacts: businesses are closing, less departments, salaries are decreasing.. Who hires want more for less. The employers want youth people with experience and low salaries.

Against this way of working, the new generation of young graduates is looking for an opportunity. They believe that they can make a difference. So they realize that they don't fit in the labor market. The jobs that exists are underpaid. That the advice they hear at home is not suited to what they see in the labor market.

So they try to find an opportunity. But I see more. I see people who speak languages. Several. And who wants to learn more. People that dominates digital tools. People who do not fear emigration. Already tested in the Erasmus and that opens more or less distant opportunities. I still see people from the new culture. Festivals, but also theater and film, even if downloaded from the net. See more open and much less formatted minds.

I continue to look. I look and I quiet myself. Is that, too, I see people who have not yet realized that the digital revolution combined with the 2008 crisis is a golden opportunity. The opportunity. That gave them the tools to being better profissionals . The (more) nothing to fear. Is that the hardness of the way - deferring them some dreams that pushes them out of the country and that forces them to resort to the parents and not parents - is making this generation a new force requirement, contrary to previous generations, who entered the labor market pushed by millions of the Union.

For me it is more than certain: when this crisis over, this talent is the one that will make us navigate.

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