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Hello Everyone! I´m thrilled about blogging on VOY so here´s a little about me before I start posting:

I was born in Colombia and had a typical small town lifestyle. My parents lived in two different cities, so since a very early age I had the chance to have a special approach on two different sides of my country. I grew up in Barranquilla (the most beautiful city in the world OF COURSE) surrounded by beloved friends and family When I turned 17 mom, dad (my dog) and I moved to Santiago, Chile .. Needless to say how hard it was to resemble life in a different country. I came here and tried to socialize as much a possible but not long after, I felt my energy getting pretty diminished, mostly in that gap between “hey! I´m foreign and I love everything” and “omg, people are awful, food is bad, weather is crazy, places are ugly, blah blah.” I think people who have gone through changes like this will understand, having yourself “re”arrange your lifestyle and life standards is not easy, but it is not impossible. Now I´ve been living here for a year and a half and I´m pretty pleased about how things are going. I have a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, I´ve travelled, I´ve learned, I´m going to the university and take French classes… you know.. regular life, but the Chilean way.

Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to help others, I just didn’t know how nor where to start. I mainly had social media activism done for animals rights, greatly abused in Colombia. There are bullfights, animal traction vehicles, dog fights, and many other “sports” and “cultural practices” that involve animal cruelty. It is embarrassing but true. However, as time went by I started noticing and studying other kinds of abuses, the Human Rights violations, as you guys might know. There is a domestic conflict that lately seems to be getting worse and worse (maybe I´ll write about it later). Conditions under which many Colombians live are deplorable. Nevertheless I couldn´t enroll in something too committed in terms of human rights defense because it is not only difficult, but unsafe. That’s why the first thing I did when I arrived to Chile was look for NGOs or foundations through which I could help those in need and I found Amnesty International : ). Ever since then, I have met incredible people. I have learned and gained invaluable knowledge and skills and I'm really grateful, but also proud I belong to such an awesome organization.

Hope you guys enjoy reading and sharing: D I will post every week!!

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