“Girl Rising” Let’s Dance (in happiness FOREVER!)

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Although this video provokes happy thoughts and upon your first viewing I am presuming that you will that you will see groups of girls happy. But as stated, most of these girls have struggled in life. Education is the one thing that could have made them happy, supress their bad experiences or…..

I don’t know!

Whenever I watch this video (which I do frequently) I just thank God that I have an education and continue to be educated. I now realise that there is more to standing in front of a class of students and teaching them the alphabet. It is about that teacher WANTING to make a difference, and a difference to all they meet.

Some students I see just drag their feet all day on Monday and they are jumping for joy and praising the Lord because it is Friday. I really cannot comprehend this feeling.

Some value their education and are grateful for what they have been given for that day. Education may not be the one thing you wish to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days of the year but just being thankful that you may be able to go to school, not only to feed your mind but to enable better job prospects should at least cross our minds once, right?

This video that I found is created from footage from the film “Girl Rising” a film that follows girls on their journey to education (watching the trailer made me think enough without watching the full film!). It seriously made me realise how lucky I am to be educated. It provokes immense sadness, but inspires me to want an education to then educate those who may not be able to access education.

But why should the world be like this? thoroughly confused what is the point of having all of the rights given if only certain parts of the world have access to it? I am fully aware that there are many more questions and obvious answers as to why access to education is not readily available…

But I wish there was some way education could be delivered to all, then all would be as happy as the girls/children are in this video to receive an education. ^_^

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