Girls' demand for health facility

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Inscrit le 17 mars 2014
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Yong – Dakpemyili is in the Tamale metropolis. It is about 16 km away from Tamale. The Tech Girls club in the Yong Dakpemyili primary school is taking the lead to ask duty bearers to provide a health facility (clinic) for the people of Yong.

It is captured in article 24 of the UN convention that “Children have the right to good quality care, to clean water, nutritious food and clean environment, so that they will stay healthy.”

We are making our calls based on this provision which the government of Ghana has signed to, to demand from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and government of Ghana to build a clinic for the people of Yong Dakpemyili.

On the other hand, there is no lorry transportation from Yong to Tamale the capital city where the nearest hospital is located. This makes it difficult to transport sick people especially pregnant women so they can access health care. The only means of transportation are a bicycle or Motor King. But for children, they often have to walk with their mothers for 16 kilometers to access health care.

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