Girls and Education

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Inscrit le 26 décembre 2012
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I was once told if you have no talent, then you need education to survive. If that is the case then going to school and being educated is a must… right?

As we all know education is not accessed by children in the world. Countries are trying to engage all children into education.

With regards to a child’s right the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 has been adopted by most countries worldwide, Article 28 of the UNCRC 1989 states that a child has the right to primary education.

Children around the world may or may not have access to an education. Currently it is estimated that 77 million girls are not in education.

What do you think it will take to ensure that girls are treated equally and given a right to education?

Could cultural views need to be altered? Or simply trying to make education more accessible?

Girls and education is a never ending topic, with a long line of issues that reduce the potential for girls to be given the opportunity to be educated. What do you feel the issues are and what do you think we could do to solve the issue of educating girls?

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