Give Life A Cushioned Seat

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Inscrit le 13 mars 2014
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'How has life been treating you?'

That was one of the ways I said 'hi' to my friends and foes, until some years ago when it dawned on me to rephrase it into 'how have you been treating life?' My personal response to this was: I am highly terrific and I am giving life an awesome treat! Encarta Dictionary defined "Life" as the QUALITY that makes living things and plants different from dead organisms and inorganic matter. Are you defined by that quality or do you define that quality? Several people get to some points in their journey and say they hate life and that as far as they can see, what happens in life is bad business. It's smoke--and spitting into the wood.
In fact, I agree with them, for that is as far as they can see! They always think of the roof falling in and their whole life falling to pieces. They pray, yet worry, and hope yet expect misfortunes as life dictates to them, they want stable relationships but believe it's impossible. Other people's opinions about them causes depression and great concern. For instance, I once told a friend that I can't get a mosquito bite because if I did, I wouldn't know, nor would it make me sick. He really made fun of me, but subsequently, I found myself reciting that same statement in my mind when mosquitoes dance their music around my ears. I haven't been sick in 6 years nor do I have a scar of such bite. I think I'm giving life a nice treat. So, most times, I have learnt to give life a cushioned seat and educate it on some of the deep gists, drawing up some to-do lists for it. Humans design technology, and it has truly changed part of our world. Science is thriving and explains some flavour within us. Yet, we are the brain behind technology's direction. Do we then let our mobile phones and technological devices determine the sense of meaning for our lives and daily schedules? Do we still have folks on this sphere that will stretch beyond generalized status quo, stay optimistic and begin to CLIMB out of life's rut? Folks that are ready to say it straight into life's face: 'Take a cushioned seat and listen up, I won't give in to just anything you offer, I got a great share of inheritance in God, I live a favoured life and I embrace the daily arms load of benefits.'

Let me ask you again, how are you treating life?

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