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This is an open invitation to the youth of the world.

Being a youth activist from Sri Lanka, I have always been passionate about contemporary issues faced by youth. In view of this I took part as a delegate at World Conference on Youth 2014, where I was able to get in touch with youth activists from different parts of the world, who were specialising in a diverse areas of work, ranging from gender equality to youth-led development.

Taking a step further, I have applied to be one of the two National Youth Delegates from Sri Lanka to the 69th United Nations General Assembly. As a part of the assessment process I have been asked to prepare an action plan, laying out the details of the activities I would undertake to identify and address issues faced by youth.

As an initial step, I am conducting a survey to evaluate youth opinion on the considerations and issues affecting them. as of now, I have collected a substantial amount of data from my local community, but I have identified the need to extend the survey to an international audience. I believe that the responses I get would help me to be more sensitive to international developments and to build up an effective dialogue with my foreign counterparts.
I encourage all of you to participate in this survey and to voice your opinions.
Follow the link to participate:

You have the right to remain anonymous.


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