Globalisation does not eliminate the need for individual responsibility

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Inscrit le 3 février 2014
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Common callings. They unite us. They form the basis of conflict-free multicultural societies. Whether it's the people of an oppressed nation, letting go of their past disputes, and working together to achieve freedom, or simply the students of an international school, accepting each other's cultures as they strive towards receiving an education. It is their calling that binds them.

We have our calling. Our planet is dying. Global warming, pollution, depletion of natural resources. Are these imminent threats not stressing enough to induce in us a global consciousness? Awareness isn't the issue at hand. Nowadays, awareness can produce remarkable results. Simply knowing about a matter isn't enough to instill a sense of urging responsibility in many people.

With globalisation, comes the perspective of a highly connected world, linked with the fastest forms of communication, and armed with rapid developments in the fields of science and technology. It's no wonder that there are people who stand unfazed by even the most pressing issues our world has ever faced. Globalization today is creating an overtly optimistic notion of safety. There is an overwhelming belief that when worse comes to worst, technological advancements will jump in to save the day. We need to shine a light across this over-reliance on the actions of others, to shift the responsibility for ourselves, back to ourselves. Only then can we ever hope to see a world that can truly push forward, towards humanity’s calling. Only then can we put aside our differences for the sake of all-benefiting, progress.

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