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The Logo of our Organization

The Logo of our Organization

Go Youth Go

Mission “To inspire youth to take ownership of their community through youth based volunteerism and channelling their potential into socially meaningful actions.”

Description The GYG is a non profit organization established by a group of highly motivated young people committed to bring positive social change in Bhutan. It is an organization where members take ownership of their community by identifying problems and taking effective developmental interventions that create positive impacts in society. The organization shall provide support to youth either directly or... through partnerships with other organizations to ensure lasting benefits for the youth of Bhutan.

In order to realize sustainable youth leadership, GYG is being formed as a youth-led organization to channel the potential of youth. The GYG strategically works together in national advocacy to promote and safeguard our youth. GYG supports knowledge and information exchange between fellow youth advocates thus safeguarding a continuous and sustainable youth voice. In order to become this major catalyst for change, GYG builds its organizational capacity. As young people, members of GYG have the unique knowledge and with its own specific strengths reach out to youth in different geographical regions.

Today, GyG has over 350 registered members and three GyG Networks (Thimphu, Paro and Kanglung). All youth from the age of 13 to 35 can become a registered member with the GyG.

Limitations Since it is a voluntary organization, we have to face the problems of not getting a place for proper meetings, we don't have or have very limited finances and we are still not registered within Civil Society Organizations.

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