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Unitika Schlawenger
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Hand in Hand,

They stand around the globe,

Only figures,

Of a representation,

Never really followed.

A layout for success,

So simple to perceive.

But humanity lost its best,


When disunity has broken out,

And there is division.

So many boundaries

For any forthcoming decision.

Then comes a stumble,

Bad weather and tumbles.

A catastrophe into the calamity,

Already present.

In a village afar from any walls,

Where music is the glue,

Which binds all.

There are rainbows,

Flowing all for free.

Nothing of gloom but only glee.

How different this little world

Or community.

Where one is for all,

And everyone is one.

It comes as a rumor

The destruction,

But they soon get to see the devil

Causing disruption.

It’s called Disunity

This dark fellow

Creeping into the cracks

Our society forgets the plan

To not leave a single hand,


When ignorance breeds more ignorance,

There is no more glee.

But to re-construct peace,

The world has got to learn,


The comfort,

Which warms,

Love’s never a crime,

There is never any harm.

If we offer our hand,

To the empty hovering arms.

There shouldn’t be any cracks

In a globe which is round.

Only a circumference of unity

And arcs of love all around.

Just hand in hand.

Let’s unite.

Where there is unity,

Always victory.


Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief was a one-hour, commercial-free benefit concert television special that aired simulcast in the United States on September 12, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET/CT live from New York City, Nashville, San Antonio, and Los Angeles and tape delayed MT and PT.

During the hour it was on the air, the special raised $14 million for the relief efforts from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. By evening's end the total was up to $44 million. Organizations benefitting the relief include the United Way of Greater Houston, Rebuild Texas Fund, ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Best Friends, Direct Relief, Save the Children, Feeding Texas, Feeding Florida, and the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The concert was produced by the same team who organized the One Love Manchester benefit with Ariana Grande

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