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Inscrit le 20 mars 2014
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Thank You JulieVOY for that heart felt comment. As an 11 year old girl, I feel like we the westernized children in 2014 have it the easy way. We think that disobeying our parents is awesome, we think that if we use our parents for things, we will get those things that we WANT, not necessarily the thing we NEED, we also have all these lovely tech things from iPhones to iPods to iPads etc, we think that if we don't have the most recent shoes we look strange, we don't think that we fit in with the other people who have the most recent shoes. Enough talking about the westernised children of 2014, let's get to the real point that matters, let's talk about the less fortunate children in Africa, Asia, Europe, United States Of America (North America), South America, Australia and The Caribbean etc. They don't have iPhones, iPads, and iPods, they don't disobey their parents, they have to work numerous amounts of hours at WORK. Yes, I said it, WORK. The westernised children of 2014. They get to go to school and get scholarships to Universities but the less fortunate children start working when they are toddlers. With that being said, I feel that numbers 2, 6, and 11 speak out to me the most. I feel that we the westernised people of 2014 need to open ours eyes and wake up a little bit more we don't realise what the less fortunate people (in the countries above) go through everyday some children get married off by their parents to older people when they are young, that doesn't happen to us. My aunty shared this comment with me ''Education is important and so right for us all to find ways to help children get education by sharing what we have so that children all over the world can access education''. I feel like that statement is so true.

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