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Human immunodeficiency virus/Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome abbreviated as Hiv/Aids is a major public health concern and cause of deaths in many poor countries or developing countries.Most of these developing countries are vast and most of the population live in rural areas,often far removed from access to information and supplies necessary to deal with Hiv/Aids in their communities,to add on people infected with the virus are often discriminated by friends and some relatives.In children,mother to child transmission(MTCT)accounts for the vast majority of cases were these children are infected,Hiv/Aids is not just a health issue but a fundamental human right issue,when human rights are ignored or abused,an individual's or community's vulnerability to Hiv infection increases.Most of these developing countries if not all rely on donor funds,these funds that are targeted at developing the country in terms of building schools and roads are diverted to buying antiritroviral drugs,building more health care institutions and fund projects to educate heath workers who are later sent to the rural communities to provide heath care and educate the people more on Hiv/Aids.With support from everyone:local people,government and the international community we will be able to achieve a generation thats aware of Hiv/Aids and knows how to protect oneself,that will lead to a generation free from Hiv/Aids.

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