How are We To Include a Voice in Business?

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Inscrit le 17 novembre 2013
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Life is based on money and everybody needs money for survival even youth. Where does youth get money? Every body is looking for employment! There is lack of jobs!

This are challenges that youth face and no one is willing to give them a chance. The youth have to have a voice in business to answer all these questions and problems in this world. This is how questions are going to be answered: when youth can be given a chance to have a say in business.

Firstly, we have to appreciate that youth are very innovative and they can come up with brilliant ideas. We must give them a chance to have a say in business to enable the business sector to grow because they can provide very good skills. Youth will also be learning and copying some of the things that will help or benefit them as they are growing and as they start their own businesses. Businesses offers what people like and want. Some of the preferences are changing with time hence, we say give those who understands the time we are leaving in the platform so that they can sensitise you with what they are up to. Those people are the youth they are crying for an opportunity.

Lets share the world with the young and the old. Yes it is true the old understands it better, but even the youth have some things that the older have to know in order to grow the business sector. It is important for youth to have a say in business because running a business affects them therefore they cannot be simple ignored. Including them will mean the business people are now heading for growth. This will some how improve the life of the youth either now or later but at the end they will be leaving better lives.

Fresh minds are needed in business, new initiatives are needed in business. We are living in the modern era and we have to live up to it in order to sustain our business. How are we going to do it? The answer is simple. Use the youth as your source of information or include the youth in your business. You will reap wonders out of that. We are looking forward in fighting poverty and hunger and business are massively needed so include the youth so that they can start their own business and employ others to end this poverty around the world.

Hope my voice as a youth will be listened to.

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