How business can support youngsters from care

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want to tell you about the charity provided by a business, and my opinion about it.


From my childhood I wanted to become an accountant and then work for a bank. But now I've studied another profession, because I could not enter the department I wanted at that time. Now I'm a technologist.

During the studies, I worked in a café as a waiter. Also I was combining it with my cycling trainings. This year I’ve changed my profession in graduate. And now I am studying Economics and Management of Enterprise. I continue working in the same place for four and a half years and continue to attend my sport trainings. I went to train different sports in my childhood, judo (a year), I had medals for karate (for two years), football (four years), swimming (three years), valleyball (one year in the school team). I got involved in cycling since 2011 and now my sport is triathlon - swiming, cycleing and running. I have participated in various competitions, also participated in international competitions which were organized by ITU. It is true that I am new in cycling sport, but I want to show that I have trainings from my childhood and that’s the most important thing. I learned cycling features, techniques and skills and I'm still larning them. And this can be the way for me to continue in the future.

My example

This year, the bank had announced that would like to make a donation to the children and young people who live in the SOS-Children's Villages, to finance their education programs. Different names of children and young people were sent to the bank, as well as my name, my data, and with what they can help me, so I've got two supports. The first it was my master Osama cost funding, the second was financial support for sport Triathlon, I was elected as an intelligent, studying, hard-working, goal-oriented, young man who have a stable job, who wants to find his place in life. It is true that the program was for one year, but may be continued if the bank wants in case they see that the result of this support will help children and young people to develop, study, finding their place in the future, to have a professional accessories. I do not know any details of how the bank selects how to give financial support, but if I were the manager or owner of the bank I will have this opinion.

I would financially support children and young people who have goals, aspirations, desire to learn, also I would invite attention to where I am doing my financial support. I would also assist those young people who have goals or just want to be an accountant and working in banking sphere.

And so I'm helping these young people achieve their goals and maybe after they have profession they would like to work in my bank, so I will try to gain the confidence of my clients donation towards society, I will be a good bank and have a great opportunity to have a new staff.

I think this is a good policy for any business to have a good reputation, but the most important advantages and new business development and enhancement of human resources charity to correct for a children and young people from care. There are businesses that engage in philanthropic activities, financial aid, and why they can’t have a results from these gifts, which will be made directly.

This way of thinking, I would like to take an advantage of the bank's support, learn, and a desire to work in the bank. Of course no one knew about my intentions and opinions, and I did not know until the study Accountant.

And I would like to keep my goal to remain secret.

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