How can we improve education for children?

no picture Beatrix Cendana
Inscrit le 20 janvier 2014
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Hello all..Here is my first time to tell and write to all of you about this theme. I have to chosen to write this theme because I hope that we can take better action for the next generations. There are so many children who can't study in school as usual. The the main problem is the mostly because of poverty within their family. But on my mind, the government is slow to start a movement for children's education, especially for poor families that cannot pay education fees.

Whose fault is that? Isn't it government's duty? The program is probably working not well for poor families because there aren't enough capabilities. So what is the best way to solve this problem?

:)Please let us know and let them have a better education. They are the next generation in this world. How could this be?

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