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Manila Symposium Promotional Video

Humanitarian Affairs, UK invites you to The 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Manila, Philippines on August 1 to 7, 2013

In the symposium, participants will get a chance to interact and discuss global issues with over 1,000 young leaders from different parts of the globe.

Moreover, they will have an opportunity to learn and be more equipped to help through workshops by world-renowned Expert Humanitarians. One of them namely:

CNN’s Hero of the Year 2011, Robin Lim She is also known as “Ibu Robin” which means “Mother Robin”. She provides free prenatal care, birthing services and other support for disadvantaged mothers in Bali, Indonesia.

Lastly, they will be given a chance to see and experience the lives of marginalized communities from the other side of the world through the Learning Journey.

For more information about the event, you can check our website:

For enquiries and applications, please send an email to:

Sign up and take your first step on becoming a responsible global citizen!

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