How to find equilibrium in your life

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One of the basic things we learn as kids is how to walk. That is the earliest sign of growth in an infant. Our parents teach us how to walk and feel elated on seeing us maintain balance and being able to walk. Yes exactly, it's balance! That is what makes us complete in what we do and who we are. Since we start to grow, it's all about balance - between work and play, in cycling, at school etc. etc. etc. Without balance this universe doesn't function and definitely our bodies do not.

The four things that make up our lives and constitute for who we really are, are our mind, body, spirit and emotions. All of these things, when in balance, help us attain immense level of peace while living in an era where hate crimes make greater news than love deeds.

Our mind is the creator of everything. It helps us innovate and create new things and it sends signals all through our bodies in order to activate various senses. Hence it is one of the most quintessential parts of our lives. To make sure that we only water seeds of positivity in our minds, it is important to keep it fresh and active which can be done by increasing your mind's ability to achieve more knowledge. Reading good literature, and knowing about anything that fascinates you or helps your life grow better will rejuvenate the power of your mind.

The body is undoubtedly the most important things to keep healthy. A good and a healthy body helps you not only feel better with yourself but also keeps you going in demanding situations.

As a lot of people say that even in situations of negativity, we shouldn't feel sad and that we should always be positive. According to me is not true; you should always feel your emotions, whatever they maybe, so that you can avoid their accumulation beneath your skin. Because anything that keeps growing becomes uncontrollable someday. Balance again is the key. Let your feelings visit you (like visitors) and then let them go (since they are just visitors).

The spirit, lastly, can be kept healthy not by reading or doing what is right for you, but from knowing your own self better than anyone else. Doing whatever fills you up with passion will keep your spirit healthier than anything else and give your soul peace, making you attain great inner peace even amidst outer conflicts.

There are definitely days when situations, emotions or people might hurt you or make you feel like you didn't get what you wanted. But giving up is never an option. You've come into this world to make your life, as well as the lives of others, more beautiful. It should be and it is all about peace and balance.

So even on low days, push yourself out of your zone: maybe go have a long shower, or sing aloud, or paint your nails, or read your favourite book, or write a letter to someone, or call up an old friend or just anything. Do what you need to feel better, feel beautiful and feel more alive.

Live. Feel. Grow.

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