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Inscrit le 21 février 2012
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Human right can be defined in so many ways but i like to define it this way.The basic rights and freedom which God almight entitle to human which include the right to life, liberty, freedom of religion and freedom of expression and equility before the law without any human bias.

Thomas Jefferson said all men are created equal but we are living in time were law are made only to keep the poor in bondage and rich live above the law.This law has deprived masses from freedom of expression,freedom of religion and freedom of fair trait in court of law. Man is a free moral agent that was created to expressed himself at any given time but government used bias policy to stop man given right by his creator.Government used this method to oppressed the masses because they control the mass media by dictates to masses what they want them to heard and listen. its a dysfunction of human right because its only animal that cannot expressed their feeling but man has be made to become animal in thissituation to only watched and listen without commenting on the issue.This is still happening in many Countries around the world.

Nobody was born to be an island in this world, we were all born to be associated with one another because we all understand the important role nurture play in our daily life.There was a country in North Africa few year back were the leader placed embargo for any of their citizen to trave out of the country because he does not want them to be influence by western culture but his children are all studies in western university.This kind of act by individual has prevented human freedom of associate for those who want to experience other culture cannot fulfill their dream.

Religion was a mean in which indidual express is belief,thought and appreciation to his creator for be kind to him. Some countries and families as force individual to stayed on a particular religion event if his against his personal will.Then individual desire to change his religion the country denounce him as their citizen of that country.Some family even go step further to excommunicated the person from their family.also this kind of act is against freedom of religion.Many are been tortured around the world for crimes they did not committs.They are been subjectd to order go difficult punishment in their various cells and prisons.without giving fair trait in court of law.There are more people around the world,whose right are being abused everyday.United Nation, developing country that practice human right and Human Right Organization should help fiht huma abused around the world.

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