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Inscrit le 11 novembre 2011
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Hunger is a growing problem in the world for more and more children are being born into families that don' have means to provide for them with anything other than love.. if that. Then, if the child survives, they grow up and the cycle is likely to continue. Did you know that every hour 12,960 people will die of hunger or hunger related illnesses? That's 311,040 people a day. There are a copious amount of people that go hungry due to various social and economical issues, and the majority all lead back to global poverty -- at least thats what a bunch of websites say -- basically we have enough food on this earth to feed everybody, it just costs a lot to manufacture and package, and then the price of the food is too high. The food is there but people don't have or earn enough to buy it. However, for countries where food is not available for citizens to buy, there are an abundance of organizations dedicated to distribute food. Unfortunately that creates a dependancy. And often the root of hunger is not in a countries inability to afford it, but that their are underlying cultural beliefs that prevent the progression of said country.

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