Hunger in Indonesia


Inscrit le 9 septembre 2011
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there's been very many cases of hunger around the world, including Indonesia. it took a long time for the goverment of Indonesia to take a role. One of the cases of hunger in Indonesia is the case of malnourished toddlers and little childrens in Ngawi, East Java. 1,025 toddlers had suffer malnutrition and most of them come from a poor family that couldn't afford healthy food and clean water for their toddler to eat and drink.

Imagine how lucky you are, you could eat healthy food and clean water. Instead, they only can eat rubbish food and dirty water.

i felt really sorry for them, but luckily the health office in Ngawi monitored the developments and the conditions of a toddler. They also provide additional food and milk for the toddlers who are malnourished. :D

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