I Am A Person; Treat Me Like One

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‘Celine passed away. I’m sorry’

Had I heard it right? Were they playing a trick on me? This had to be some kind of joke.

I stared so hard till her face became blurry.

It was true; there was no turning back. She was really dead.

I was sick that day, so I didn’t go to school.

Watching Homer strangle Bart was hilarious. That was before Megan, my sister popped.

It looked like she bit into a sour lemon wedge

‘She jumped out. Right out of the window’

I started to laugh so hard. How could she be serious? ‘I’m being punked? Maybe, I’ll get to meet Ashton!’ I said mockingly

‘I’m serious’ she said so grimly, that I had to take back my words.

“She brought her cell phone. The teachers took it, opened her inbox and read the messages out loud. They were pretty sexual. She got heaps from the teachers. They called her a stubborn donkey, a child with no regards for anything, shameless and things like that. When they were about to take her to the principal, she dashed out of an open window and fell down from a 2 storied building, head down first.

I looked out of the window and let out a scream of horror. Before the teachers grabbed me to give me a long lecture on ‘class etiquette’ I ran out of the classroom outside into the courtyard. There she was her mangled body, in a pool of blood. Everyone was screaming and yelling that I couldn’t understand a word. They tried to lift up her. But when more blood gushed out of the side of her neck, they had to leave her there and tend to the kindergarteners who were totally traumatized. They called 911.She at Woodland Hospital.”

I was surprised. I knew that she had problems, but I would have never guessed that she would have taken such a drastic step. I too, had very bad time, but I didn’t let it take over my life, as best as I could.

I remember the rumours spreading about her. Yea, I had heard them too. They said that she slept with a girl, that her father was having an affair with their maid, that she was sexually abused, and that she went into prostitution and things like that. She was troubled. She never let help into her life. I think that’s the difference between us; my family is one of the reasons that I’m still alive today. She had a major attitude problem and was so horribly rude. If only I knew, it was her defence mechanism and her trying to hide her vulnerability.

She had bipolar and went to therapy, all over India. Yet, that didn’t seem to be enough. She still lied, wrote morbid poetry and cut herself. She turned to drugs and alcohol, instead of taking the medicines the doctor had prescribed to her.

The teachers were so mean to her. They were always after her blood and they never left her alone for a second. I had seen one of her oh-so famous ‘getting-scolding’ scenes. I can relate.

I was acquainted with her. She was nice to me, but even I could see; her pain was so evident, even though her smiles.

She would do weird things like sit alone outside in the pouring rain in the tennis court. She claimed that it eased the pain that she felt; her depression. I tried to help her but she kept shunning me away..

We went to a very strict private catholic school, like in the movie ‘doubt’. Hence, the ‘no-cell phone’ policy. She was a radical; she formed a rebellion that stood up for what they believed in.

Her dark makeup was as beautiful as her face. She had such a good sense of humour that she could even crack a poker face up. Her clothes looked like they came straight out from a fashion magazine and she got the cutest guys. But her best attribute was her voice.

The hardest of hearts could be easily moved by it. It was hypnotizing. Each note and lyric became liquid. Like a siren to a lonely lovelorn sailor, out at sea. She sang ‘I will always love you’,’hurt’,’halo’ and other classics by divas, which made everyone in the auditorium cry. Even those real ‘macho’ guys! She had so many fans. I am one of them, and will always be. At our school concert, she sang ‘goodbye’ by Celine Dion. Ironic, isn’t it?

But people were so jealous of her. They tore her down in public and humiliated her on every occasion.

Still, I believe that is no excuse. Why would you do that, Cece? Why? People care about you. You left them living with a massive heartache. How could you be so selfish? Your mom, you should see her. First, discovering about the affair and now your death, because of the cardiac arrest? Your siblings? Your friends? Your lover? Me? You had a whole future ahead of you. And you threw that all away. You coward. We love you. Why did you leave us? Why?

Mental disorders are nothing to be ashamed off..heck, I have adhd and ocd! I have it extremely hard but I pulled through. Why couldn’t you?

Why couldn’t the teachers and school staff be more compassionate? I will never forgive you all. Had you been nicer or just understanding, she would have been alive today. I remember all those shouting’s at her and me..calling ‘us all’ crazy when the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with us…but with you! How on earth did you get into education? You can’t even teach!

You’re a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothing, fat cows that couldn’t care less about the welfare of your students. Thank God I changed my school. I don’t need to deal with you narcissistic hypocrites anymore.

Why students? Hasn’t there ever been a time where you just want someone to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay? Someone to help you? To ease your pain? With the empathy you showed us, I guess not. You ostracise people who need help. You hurt us badly. You made one girl’s life hell, instead of helping her. She needed the support that she didn’t get from her home. Don’t you get that?!You made so many other kids and me change our schools all in the name of bullying? Why? Does your Neolithic-Nazi ways make you happy?

Are you happy? And finally, why India? Why can’t you give importance and raise awareness on mental disorders? Don’t you understand? You can never be a progressive nation, if your people are divided?

Everyone who bullies, watch out. Karma will get you back, one way or another. I hope this story will help people. Someone…anyone.

I hope that a victim of bullying subjected to suffering, won’t go to waste.

I hope that society will treat people with mental disorders like a person, not a dog. We have our rights too.

You’ve scarred us all. Every one of us. But you will NEVER take my spirit away...never…

But you’ve done me a favour. Those scars are my medals. They remind me that yes, I got hit, but I survived. You can too..

I dedicate this to Danica,Shaunessa,Alexandra,Juey,Phiba,Alva,Muskan,Katie,Josh,Eric,Brendan,Hrishi,Celine,Stephnie,Celine and finally, me, Chelsea..

RIP Celine...

Cherish life, while you still have it...

And remember, have compassion. You could save a life...

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