I still worry about the Education System.....

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"And what better way to start this than by giving these students a prominent place in a gathering that aims to chart a new future for Nigerian education."

Lien: http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/posts/the-educatio...

After reading the post that 'adamsbulama' wrote titled "THE EDUCATION SUMMIT WE NEED." It provoked many thoughts, but one in particular...

The idea that there is a need to improve the situation, what current attempts have been made to improve the Education System in Nigeria? Then this sprung to mind (http://www.aljazeera.com/video/africa/2013/11/nigeria-boost-state-controlled-education-2013113010521... ).

I saw this story on AlJazeera a month ago. There were some minor issues spoken about and solutions on how education can be provided for all. This can be distributed evenly, but one problem really bothered me... Once the equipment is broken how can it be fixed? How reliable will the improvements be? Also what is being done for the girls? (The video only shows boys...)

Nigerian education is something that interests me, however it is a topic that I need to research upon in greater depth. I am happy that I discovered adamsbulama's post because I can see that an influential figure is promoting awareness for the topic!

Hopefully within the next 5 years improvements will be seen? ^_^

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